Entertained by the Cruel abuse of Bulls and Horses? - then you've arrived at the right place! Enjoy...
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This website contains disturbing images and descriptions of bullfighting.
Not suitable for children.

The other reason this site has been created is to show the inhumanity and brutality involved in the name of that 'sport' called bullfighting.
The images on this home page shows bullfighting in the romantic and brave 'light' that I imagined it to be when I was growing up, with the help of cinematic films from hollywood etc.
I always imagined the red eyed dark black bull to be 'evil' and out to injure or kill anything that got in its way. Truly, this massive and terrifying beast must have crawled out of the depths of hell!
I imagined the Matador to be ur brave conquering hero who, on his own and only a cape to protect him, walked out into the arena to face the hideous animal head-on.
I used to watch as the beast made repeated charges in an attempt to gore and throw the Matador, but time and time again the hero thwarts the devils' charge with his cape. The fiery horns of the beast brushes just inches past the brave challenger, with cries of o-lay-o-lay! from the baiting cheering crowd.
Finally, after wearing the beast down, our hero wins the day and strikes it dead! Alas!.. we are all safe once more...
Now being 'grown' up, and with the power of the Internet, I realise the reality and purpose of this gruesome spectacle is very-very different. The bull is like any other normal bull, but has been bred specifically for the bullring slaughter.
When entering the arena the poor animal, already by now terrified, stressed and taunted, is then repeatedly stabbed for around 15 minutes by a variety of spears, spikes and daggers.
After that you would think that death would be a sweet release, but many bulls die slowly and painfully as the Matador’s death blow often pierces the lungs instead of the heart, and the bulls are left drowning in their own blood.
If death does not arrive in this way a knife will be stabbed into the back of the bull's neck to severe the spinal chord, but this only paralyses the animal which will be left conscious as it is dragged out of the arena to be slaughtered for meat.
Bullfighting is not confined to Spain but is also practiced in many latin american countries, eg. Mexico, Peru, and Venezuelia, and in some other european countries also, eg. France. In some countries other culteral rituals puts the bulls through even more suffering.
Such events may be cultural, but such heritage provides absolutely no excuse for inflicting such pain on a frightened and confused animal. How can anyone in this modern age pay to watch, and enjoy, such a bloody spectacle?
If, after viewing the gallery images etc, you are sickened by the way the animals are treated then please write letters of objection to the appropriate bodies. Please also sign as many anti-bullfighting pettitions as you can find.
One of the best ways to show your disgust is to boycott the countries concerned, ie. for holidays, foods and products. Make sure to tell the relevant foreign embassies and tourist boards of your boycott.
There are a lot of people (including most Spanish) and animal protection groups working towards banning the 'sport'.  Together I am sure it will be eventually stamped out, but the pressure has to be kept up.
I am sure you will agree that such bloody spectacle may have been enjoyed during the Roman period and Middle-Ages, but there is no place for it in the 21st Century.
Thank you for your support.

Acknowledgement: Images and some articles of bullfighting shown in this site are reproduced courtesy from similar like-minded websites. Apology is made if any copyright has been contravened, and is unintentional. If any owner of any such material
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