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Apart from bullfights there are numerous bull fiestas in which these gentle animals are tortured and abused beyond imagination - by 'brave' and hysterical 'people'. One such fiesta is known as “Farra do Boi” and is conducted in Brazil during Easter. During this cruel event hundreds of bulls are released into towns, participants then beat and torture these animals using whips, sticks, knives and rocks.

These animals are chased through the streets and some are even chased in to the sea to drown.  In other cases the bulls were drenched with gasoline and set on fire. Some animals had chili pepper thrown in to their eyes and also had their horns and tails ripped off. The animals endure this horrific torture for up to 3 days when they are finally killed and eaten by the participants.


In another bull fiesta known as “Torro de la Vega”, the gentle creatures are forced to cross over a bridge by participants taunting them with spears.

On the other side of the bridge men on horse back and some on foot throw lances at the bulls. This continues for up to 3 hours until the final and fatal blow is delivered.

The person who threw the fatal lance is considered to be the so-called “winner” of this brutal and bloody and activity.
“Bous embolats” or fire balls is yet another fiesta which exists in various forms. As a tournament, teams see how quickly they can set on fire a bull’s horns. Balls of black sticky tar are placed on the tips of a constrained bull and are then set a light. The panicked and extremely frightened bull is then released into the streets.

The bull runs through the streets in to walls in a futile attempt to extinguish the flames. Apart from the anxiety and distress of being set on fire the bull also suffers from the pain of the burning horns as well as severe burns to the eyes and face.

In some cases the rest of the bull’s body catches on fire and he is subsequently burnt to death.


In yet another festival, the Yawar fiesta, a condor is tied securely to the back of a bull. The condor’s talons rip in to the bull’s flesh as the bird attempts to peck at and escape from the bull.
The bull, in agony runs in to the arena bucking and kicking trying to rid its self of the tethered condor.

This is distressing and painful for both the unwilling animals involved. Eventually the bullfighters overcome the bull and kill it. The condor also is usually badly injured, or has died from this extremely cruel event.
Bull running is another activity which leads to the abuse and suffering of these creatures. One such bull run occurs in Pamplona, Spain. In this run the bulls are kept imprisoned in cramped and dark cages and are usually starved.

Next an electric prod is used to shock the bulls in to bolting out in to the streets. Runners will then run along side or in front of the frightened and disorientated bulls whilst hitting them with rolled up newspapers or sticks. Bulls are used to roaming around pasture lands not running along narrow cobb.

Therefore when the bulls run and especially when turning corners they will slip and fall and crash in to building thus sustaining broken legs, ribs and twisted ankles amongst other debilitating and painful injuries. Crowds that line up along the street to watch the spectacle sometimes fire laser pointers in to the eyes of the bull to try and blind them. Hurt, injured and scared they run in to the ring where they will face the lances, harpoons and swords of the bullfighter. In other bull runs participants have stabbed and even castrated animals on the street. 
Even baby calves are used in some bullfights in which the spectators are invited to come down and participate by stabbing the infant animal.

In one of the French bullfights known as “Course Laudese", female cows are used instead of bulls and teams compete against one another.

It must be noted that most people in Spain consider bullfighting cruel and think it is a national shame. This barbarism has no place in society and serves no other purpose except that of causing extreme grief, pain and suffering both mental and psychological to the innocent animals.







The above information is courtesy of  http://www.saawinternational.org/bullfighting.htm.
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