Entertained by the Cruel abuse of Bulls and Horses? - then you've arrived at the right place! Enjoy...
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  N O T I C E
Many of the petition websites below contain disturbing images, video and information of animal suffering
and cruelty.  Not suitable for children.
The web links are including in good faith and for the convenience and interest of visitors to this site.
The webmaster makes no claim toward the suitability, validity, accuracy, security, or otherwise,
of the contents of the linked websites.
Should you find that any link/petition has become redundant then please would you notify the webmaster
via the site guestbook - thanks. 

World Society for the Protection of Animals Petition (Target - Spain)
Care 2 Petition (Target - Spain)
Care 2 Petition (Target - Mexico) 
Go Petition (Target - United Nations, Animal Rights)
Care 2 Petition (Target - Global)
Animals Matter to Me (Target - United Nations, Animal Rights)
League Against Cruel Sports (Bullfight Non-attendance Pledge)